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【WeMeta】HRing - Hire for Data Engineer


WeMeta is the premier platform for digital real estate. Buy, sell, and manage your NFT land.

The backbone of WeMeta is our Data & Insights stack. We need an experienced, focused, creative, and opportunisitic Data Scientist to help navigate a nascent space, build robust data & predictive data models and pipelines, and leverage data analytics to identify new opportunities and competitive edges for WeMeta.


- 4+ years of hands-on data science, applied machine learning, or analytics experience

- Desire to define & prove the value of digital (NFT) real estate

- Highly proficient in Python, RAPIDS, SQL, Spark, and/or other big data tools

- Can communicate at length with technical and non-technical stakeholders

- Expertise in statistical and machine learning techniques such as Linear Regression, - - - - Clustering (big), Tree based ML algorithms (Random Forest, XGB), Deep Learning, Time-Series Forecasting (big), Natural Language Processing, etc.


A passion for Blockchain, the Metaverse, and Metaverse applications

"Let's try and see" - A desire to experiment and iterate rapidly

A background in economics, finance, banking, real estate, or a similarly relevant field