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【Flare】HRing - Hire for Head of South East Asia (Ecosystem Growth)

Flare is a scalable, low carbon, low cost, highly decentralized smart contract platform that runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine and utilizes Federated Byzantine Agreement-based consensus. The platform’s native token Spark (FLR) enables Flare to unleash tremendous value in diverse ecosystems and blockchain communities. Flare is unique in that it derives its network structure from its underlying integrated networks, leveraging the decentralisation and security of the underlying networks. Flare’s development team features experts from the worlds of electronic engineering, distributed systems, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science, quantitative finance and risk management.

This role is suitable for a Chinese speaking business developer with an unrelenting & uncompromising passion for Web3. You will ensure Flare’s strong market awareness within China, Korea and beyond scales quickly by connecting Flare with all the core market participants.

Your impact:

-Key member of the team driving growth in SE Asia & already well connected within Web3 ecosystem.

-Understand the different market dynamics in each major SE Asian market and devise unique growth strategies for each.

-Strong knowledge of the various applications of blockchain technology.

-Capable of pitching and building relationships with the strongest entrepreneurs, investors, asset managers, developer communities and media outlets.

-Be the single point of contact for partners, ensuring their needs are exceeded.

-Develop strong relationships with internal & external stakeholders within Flare’s ecosystem regardless of the different geographies and time zones.

-Prepare and deliver weekly reporting and more in-depth monthly reports on progress.

-Participate actively in Web3 community events and orchestrate the SE Asian Flare ambassadors. Evangelising Flare’s values and innovations.

How to be a stand-out candidate:

-Excellent communicator and internationally educated.

-Entrepreneurial with strong evidence of necessary hustle.

-Previous experience evangelising for Web3 technologies.

-Broad understanding of Web 3 and optimal deployment of the various technologies.

-Connections with leading investment firms in China and beyond.

-Knowledge of the developer communities.

-Strong presenter at events, community meet-ups and developer gatherings.

We ask that you overlap some working hours with GMT. Chinese is essential and working proficiency in English. If this is kind of role that potentially appeals to you, please reach out.

Please get in touch ASAP if you are interested in discussing this role.